Enabling FK support in SQLite with Firefox SQLite Manager

SQLite Manager is an awesome plugin for Firefox that lets you create & manage a SQLite db.

To enable FK support using SQLite Manager:

  • Go to DB Settings, change Foreign Keys to ‘On’, Press ‘Change’
  • Go to Tools, then ‘Use table for extension data’
  • Go to Tools, then ‘Open on-connect SQL’
  • Click on the ‘On connect SQL’ tab – the ‘On-connect SQL statements for THIS database’ textarea is now enabled.
  • In the field enter: PRAGMA foreign_keys=ON;
  • Press Save.

Syntax to create an FK ref:

<tt>CREATE TABLE child_table_name (field_1 INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,
field_2  TEXT,
foreign_key_field INTEGER ,
FOREIGN KEY(foreign_key_field)  REFERENCES parent_table_name(parent_key_field));</tt>