Icom 880H programming regular memories

Couple of notes on programming regular repeater memories:

  • Press VFO/MHz then select the frequency with the main dial
  • Hold TONE to select the repeater tone, rotate dial to select tone freq, then press again
  • Press Menu, select DUP.T, R TONE, rotate to select tone, press main knob to select
  • Hold DUP, select – or + offset, press again┬áto select
  • Press S.MW to select memory write. Rotate knob to select free memory. Hold S.MW to write.

To set memory name, with memory selected:

  • Press S.MW for memory write
  • Press Moni, rotate to select M NAME, press Moni
  • Enter name, using knob and < > buttons, press Moni when done
  • Hold S.MW to write.