Fedora 18 & 19 – terrible performance on Virtual Box

I’m not sure what the deal is with Fedora 18 & 19 but the performance running under Virtual Box in Windows, regardless of how much memory you throw at the VM, really is unbearably slow. I had 18 installed for a while but haven’t used it for several months. I just fired it up again and it’s unusable. Downloaded 19 and started the install and it took a couple of hours. I might have something else going on on my laptop that slowing down the performance, but as it is it’s unusable.

I was looking for a RHEL derivative other than Oracle Linux since I wasn’t prepared wait to download the massive disk images which are several GB (really?!). I just realized though that CentOS┬áis RHEL compatible. Very cool. Will download and see if it’s more usable under Virtual Box.

Controlling Services on Fedora

Fedora uses the servicectl utility to enable/disable and control services.

To use:

sudo servicectl status servicename
sudo servicectl enable/disable servicename
sudo servicectl start|stop servicename