Location data tracked by iOS and Android devices

Security researchers discovered this week that iOS devices continuously track users physical location and store this data on the device. The data is also sync’d with your desktop if you use iTunes. What’s interesting is apparently this has been long known by Law Enforcement Agencies, who can use this data in investigations. This data is also transmitted back to Apple every 12 hours.

Android devices apparently also report location data back to Google – it sounds like WiFi MAC address location data is sent back to help triangulate a users location to provide location based services using this map of collected MAC addresses. This is similar to the MAC address collection that Google got into trouble for when they collected similar data from their StreetView cars (when they arguably collected far more than just MAC addresses and the location).

Enabling FK support in SQLite with Firefox SQLite Manager

SQLite Manager is an awesome plugin for Firefox that lets you create & manage a SQLite db.

To enable FK support using SQLite Manager:

  • Go to DB Settings, change Foreign Keys to ‘On’, Press ‘Change’
  • Go to Tools, then ‘Use table for extension data’
  • Go to Tools, then ‘Open on-connect SQL’
  • Click on the ‘On connect SQL’ tab – the ‘On-connect SQL statements for THIS database’ textarea is now enabled.
  • In the field enter: PRAGMA foreign_keys=ON;
  • Press Save.

Syntax to create an FK ref:

<tt>CREATE TABLE child_table_name (field_1 INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,
field_2  TEXT,
foreign_key_field INTEGER ,
FOREIGN KEY(foreign_key_field)  REFERENCES parent_table_name(parent_key_field));</tt>