Java release schedule summary: 6 monthly and LTS releases

I have to admit I can never remember which Java releases are the LTS releases at this point, so for reference, here’s a summary:

  • Java 8, the last Oracle release before the 6 month release cadence started, was released March 2014
  • After Java 8, the 6 month release cadence has so far had releases every March and September
  • The 6 month releases are superseded and no longer supported as soon as the next release comes out
  • Between 8 and 11, Java 9 and 10 were non-LTS
  • Java 11 was the first LTS release after Java 8, released on September 2018
  • The LTS releases are on an approx 3 year cycle
  • The next LTS release will be Java 17, expected approx. September 2021

This info was summarized from Oracle’s Java SE support roadmap here and the Wikipedia page here.

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