Mac Docker 1.12.0-rc3-beta18 native client and insecure registry

A while back I set up a local Docker Registry to share images between different machines, and configured it as an ‘insecure registry’ since it’s just for testing. With the latest native Docker engine for Mac OS, I was having difficulty pushing to the Registry, it was just fail with a cryptic message:

$ docker push

The push refers to a repository []

Get http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client

I noticed in the Docker menu from the menu bar that there’s a Insecure Registries section under Preferences, Advanced Options. Adding the IP and port of my Registry there fixed my problem, now I can push:

$ docker push

The push refers to a repository []

3d4f4a09f67b: Pushed 

fc91d495516f: Pushed 

5f70bf18a086: Pushed 

532820a7256b: Pushed 

ed62ae893def: Pushed 

994d5442545b: Pushed 

f097d343f850: Pushed 

latest: digest: sha256:c71c6743924243d6117050a1b5b95adf4effee7c9059315c0bfe500f67e0d16b size: 260

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