node.js process.cwd() “no such file or directory” starting http-server

When starting the node.js http-server, I got this error:

[code]Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory
at Error (native)
at Function.startup.resolveArgv0 (node.js:720:23)
at startup (node.js:63:13)
at node.js:814:3[/code]

From the post here, it seems this error can occur if you attempt to start the server in a dir that’s already been deleted. In my case I had renamed a folder that contained the folder where I was attempting to start the server. cd’d up a couple and into the new/renamed folder, and problem solved.

JEP 222 – REPL proposed for Java SE9

A REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) feature is becoming a common feature for many languages (Scala and Groovy both have a REPL commandline shell), and JEP-222 proposes adding this same feature to Java for SE9. This feature is useful for quickly trying out and evaluating an expression, and will be a valuable addition to Java SE.

Nvidia drivers on Windows 10 Insider Preview

I’ve installed the Windows 10 Insider Preview, but after installation the display driver was just a generic driver, and I couldn’t increase my resolution to the 1920×1080 on my LG monitor.

Nvidia have Windows 10 drivers available, but when I ran the installer it said that my GeForce 6150SE was not supported. In other posts elsewhere, someone suggested to just use the latest Windows 8 driver. The latest driver for the 6 series is here. I downloaded it and ran it, and everything looks good, it even detected the highest resolution for my monitor and set it for me. Very cool!

First thoughts on 10? The Spartan browser crashes randomly, it just closes without any errors, When it is open and running, page rendering seems pretty snappy, although rather than showing a progressive page load of elements, it seems to be rendering everything in the background and then swapping in a fully loaded page when it’s ready. At least that’s what it appears to be doing. Rather than seeing a page progressively load, pages delay for a while and then instantly appear. Not sure if I like that approach.

The new Start menu with the Metro tiles embedded in it is one approach to keep the Metro stuff around if that’s your thing, but moving it into the Start menu instead of a full screen. Maybe a better approach would be to just throw that stuff away and go back to a normal looking Start menu. Do I need to see news headlines in my Start menu? No. If I want to see news do I want to have it pop up in a tiny unreadable tile in the Start menu? No. Terrible idea if you ask me. Seems like MS really doesn’t want to do away with the Metro UI. “Ok, so we’re not removing it, so where can we put it?” … “I’ll let you put it in the Start menu” … “Really? That’s terrible, but ok then”.