Big day for both Oracle and Apple today (1/27/10)

Sun will be announcing their plans for Sun & Java going forward at 9am PST today, and Apple are holding their press conference at 10am PST to announce what ever it is they are going to announce.

Based on all the iTable/iSlate/iPad rumors, here’s some features that I would like to see:

  • multifinger gestures
  • proximity sensing interaction (popup menus as your finger approaches the screen?)
  • texture/tactile feedback
  • stream HD output wirelessly over wireless HDMI

My bet on the name is that it won’t be the iPad – the recent fuss over this name was just to keep competitors away from a name that’s too close to the iPod, plus it sounds too much like some electronic sanitary product. My bet is going on either iTablet or iSlate, or maybe even the Apple Slate, or Apple Tablet

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