Sinclair ZX Spectrum – 25 years old

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was launched in the UK 25 years ago last month (April 23, 1982), and became the best selling home computer in Europe at that time.

This caught my eye since the 48k Spectrum with it’s 8 colors each in 2 different shades was my first computer, and brought back many memories of ‘R Tape Loading Error’ error messages after waiting 5 minutes for a game to load from cassette tape, Kempston joystick interfaces, and classic games from 1980’s British software powerhouse ‘Ulimate Play the Game’ (now known as Rage and developing software for game consoles), with their classics like Jetpac, Sabre Wulf, and Atic Atac, plus others that will not be forgotten, like Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy…. those were the days….

JavaFX – Sun to launch new consumer device oriented development tools at JavaOne day 1 today

Sun are to launch a set of Java tools today at day 1 of JavaOne aimed at simplifying the development of Java applications for consumer devices like phones and set-top boxes.

These new two tools bring scripting language like support to Java with JavaFX Script for the desktop, and Java FX Mobile for the mobile devices. It is expected that these two new additions to Java will address the increasing popularity of Macromedia Flash, and give Java the ability to compete in the ‘rich internet application’ area.

The JavaFX Mobile new addition is the result of Intellectual Property assets that Sun acquired when it bought the IP rights from SavaJe, a mobile phone company who over the past couple of years put significant effort into developing Java based phones, but never really gained traction outside of the Java development community.