Microsoft announce end of life for J#

Microsoft have announced end of life for their flavor of Java, J#, which as far as I know was a further development of J++ supported on .NET’s Common Language Runtime platform.

Bits.Bytes have some further comments in their blog on ‘The Demise of J#’.

Microsoft have long been known to be extemely anti-Java, due to it’s platform neutrality and ability to ‘write-once, run anyway’ feature, which of course is a major threat to a company who makes it’s money from getting people to ‘lock in’ to one vendor and write all their applications for one specific operating system. Bearing this in mind it has always amazed me that Microsoft would invest time and money to developing their own flavor of Java and the Microsoft Java VM – although their ‘additions’ to the Java language in J++ and J#, namely adding native platform support to Windows libraries were clearly an attempt to retain developers and products and keep them tied to the Windows platform.

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