Sony spills the news on what ‘Home’ is all about…

It has been speculated for a few weeks now that Sony was about to announce movie, tv and music downloads on the PS3, via an initiative called ‘Home’. Turns out ‘Home’ is more than just that – it is a fully immersive interactive virtual world where you can interact with any other online user, and all of your media content. have a walkthrough of the new service incluing screen shots – it looks pretty awesome so far. Think ‘Second Life’ in HD coupled with Nintendo’s ‘Mii’ concept on steroids. Think XBox360’s ‘Achievment Points’ for achieving in-game goals – now take that an visualize the whole concept in a 3D interactive world where you walk through your virtual trophy room to view all your game rewards. Mix all these concept together, and this gives a picture of what ‘Home’ is all about.

A promo video of Home can be seen here.

It will be making a beta appearance early this year, but expect to see it in it’s completed full version in fall this year.

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