Java language usage continues to dominate the industry

This language usage survey was mentioned in the last JavaPosse podcast – I hadn’t looked at this for a while so it was interesting to see what’s going on with today’s languages. Tiobe Software compile a monthly ‘Programming Community Index’ based on availablity of advertised programming positions, resumes, training courses and vendors.

The index for November 2006 shows Java in the number 1 spot with a solid 20% rating, with the next closest, C, with 17%.

What is most interesting is that C#, Microsoft’s core language of the .NET platform is still trailing along in 8th with only 3% rating. This is surprising because you would think by now Microsoft would have their marketing machine pushing .NET and C# everywhere where they can get it, so it’s interesting to see that even after .NET has been in the market for a number of years now, adoption of the platform and their main language is still relatively low?

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