Blown away by EJB3.0 simplicity

Sometimes you just have to try things out to appreciate just how easy something is, or to appreciate the significance of a technology change.

This past week I have been experimenting with the JBoss EJB3.0 implementation on their 4.0.4RC1 server and built a simple web app using Session Beans and Entity Beans. Once I worked out by trial and error how to configure various parts and had some working code, it hit me at that point how easy the EJB3.0 programming model really is. I’ve been tracking the various public drafts of the spec over ther last year or so, but this was the first time I took the plunge and actually wrote some code. Now I fully appreciate the significance of the change in the programming model. It is ridiculously simple. This is the way EJB development should have been from day 1.

Every enterprise developer needs to get out there and start playing with this technology. The Java EE world is changing, and from what I’ve seen so far, it is a huge and very significant change for the better.

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