Eclipse WebTools Project (WTP) 1.0RC1 available for download

The Eclipse developers have been busy working on a set of all-singing, all-dancing plugins to help developers use Eclipse to develop J2EE applications, called the Web Tools Project.

The WTP has three subprojects:

  • Web Standard Tools (WST): a collection of common plugins to aid development, including XML, XHTML editors and validators.
  • Java Standard Tools (JST): plugins to support development and deployment of J2EE applications to J2EE 1.4 servers.
  • JavaServerFaces (JSF): editors and support for developing JSF web frontends. Will not initially be available, until the 1.5 release.

The 1.0RC1 version was just recently released for download.

This is great news, but there have been similar plugins out there for a long time now (Lomboz, MyEclipse), that already offer all these features, so it seems the WTP project may have been too late. Also, Java EE 5 is around the corner, and where is the EE 5 support? (at least in early adopter form anyway?)

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