Was the XBox360 released too early?

So far not so good for Microsoft. The intial reviews are lacklustre and people are recommending to hold off buying a shiny new 360, for the timebeing at least.

A quick search on Google for ‘XBox 360 review’ brings up the following:

  • Gizmodo: “Meh, it’s okay”
  • CNet.com: a sumary of reviews, concluding “so-so”
  • NY Post: “Don’t buy the XBox 360 – why this year’s hottest holiday gify is overhyped”

So what’s going wrong? Did Microsoft take a gamble getting the new console to market early ahead of Sony’s PS3 (which may not appear for several more months), only to end up with a mediocre line up of games? Possibly. We probably haven’t seen what the new 360 can really do yet, and that will be 6 months or so, or even upto a year before the software houses are getting to grips with the new hardware and can produce a game that will really show what the console can do. But by that time the PS3 may be on the shelves, and then the game changes yet again as the attention may swing in the other direction to be all eyes on the shiny new PS3…

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