JBoss make arrangement with Sun to certify JBoss Server

In a long running dispute over the cost of certifying the JBoss Application Server with Sun to say it is J2EE compliant, The JBoss Group and Sun have come to an arrangement where JBoss will be officially be J2EE 1.4 compliant.

Sun have recently relaxed their J2EE product certification procedures in order to accommodate Open Source products. Previously the cost of J2EE product certification was related to the income and sales of a J2EE product. Before this latest agreement, The JBoss Group were arguing that the cost of certification for the JBoss server should be free, as the product is given away for free. Sun were reluctant to give away the certification ‘badge’ of approval for free since the majority of other J2EE Application Server vendors had previous paid large licensing fees to Sun, in relation to sales of their products.

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