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The 2000s – the decade Microsoft lost their way

I’ve been saying this for a while now – it just seems that Microsoft has become increasingly complacent and has lost their way. They doesn’t seem to be anything new coming from Microsoft – everything they release just seems to attempting to have a slice of the ‘me too’ pie. Vista and Windows 7 are no-where as revolutionary as prior Windows releases before it. The XBox (both versions) are just an attempt to get a foot in the door of console gaming (the first XBox was nothing more than a PC in a black box anyway – definitely nothing revolutionary there), Zune is trying to cash in on the iPod’s success, and Microsoft have been talking for ages that Windows Mobile will take market share back from the iPhone, but where is it? They’ve got a gargantuan task ahead of themselves to lift Windows Mobile up to the standards of anything remotely close to the success of the iPhone since, no-one wil argue this, Windows Mobile is a steaming pile of turd. And now they’ve got a new competitor in the form of the Android platform, who’s popularity is accelerating. If you’re asked to name an innovator in IT, I bet you Microsoft is not going to be the first company that comes to mind. That’s a sad change in a way for a company that was ‘the’ company in everything regarding PCs and PC based operating systems. But maybe that’s part of the problem. The world is moving on, the way we access and use information is changing, and Microsoft has put all it’s eggs in one basket relying on the success of it’s PC based operating system, but the world is changing, and Microsoft is failing (and probably has already failed) to keep up.

The Register has the same conclusion – read their assessment of the company that ‘lost their mojo’ in the 2000s here.

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More details on Google’s HTC Android phone distributed to employees has more details here. I’d be surprised at this point if this is THE Google phone that all the recent chatter is about. It seems this is a ‘mobile lab’ for employees to dogfood some internal developments before they are released. Although the phone is unlocked and not tied to any particular carrier so there is some flexibility there, but typically unlocked phones are several times the subsidized price you get when you get a new device through a carrier with a contract.

To be honest I’m more interested in the rumors of a data plan only phone with VOIP capabilities, but there’s no compelling reason why any carrier would let you run that on their network if they lose the opportunity to milk you for voice calls.

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Sun release final release of JavaFX Mobile 1.2 for Windows Mobile

For Windows Mobile? Really? This seems like misguided effort to me. Why even bother with Windows Mobile? The trouble is though, I’m guessing here, Apple won’t allow any app on iPhones that results in the execution of some other language on the device. There’s still no Java support on the iPhone, and even something like a Commodore 64 emulator was denied entry to the iPhone store (although I believe this recently got accepted).

Next best bet then would be Android, which since it’s an open platform would not have the same hurdles to getting JavaFX support. But where is JavaFX for Android? Is it even on the horizon?

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Google offer public DNS servers to speed up web browsing

Google are reportedly offering two DNS servers for public use to avoid the often found latency with resolving domain names – see more here.

I’ve run into this before and often switch between the AT&T DNS servers and OpenDNS. Seems when one set is running slow the other is ok, so we switch back and forwards. I’ll have to check out these Google ones too.

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