Installing Weblogic Portal 10.3.6 on MacOS

There’s a number of things that go wrong when attempting to install Weblogic Portal 10.3.6 on MacOS that I’ve covered a few years ago in posts here and here.

To get round these issues, when installing with the generic installer you’ll need to pass these options:

java -d64 -Dspace.detection=false -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -jar portal103_generic.jar

Last time I needed to do this these options worked for me, although recently when I needed to do a new install I ran into this Fatal Error:

It seems the generic installer will only succeed on most recent versions of MacOS if you install with Java 6. You can chose a Java 7 install to run Weblogic with as part of the install steps.

This post describes installing with Java 6 (and this one describes the same error). I didn’t need to fake out the additional paths/libs with symlinks etc that this post does, I just needed to set Java 6 to JAVA_HOME, and then it ran through to completion ok.

The Legacy Java 6 installer for MacOS can be downloaded from here:

Weblogic Portal 10.3.6 generic installer on Mac OS X – Insufficient Disk Space error

Trying to use the portal103_generic.jar installer on Mac OS X 10.11.1 gives this error even though you have plenty of free space:

A quick Google turns up this question and answer. Quick fix, run passing this option:, so:

java -jar portal103_generic.jar

Although others reported this avoided the issue, I then got this issue instead:

Exception in thread "chmodFile" java.lang.Error: Unix is not a supported OS platform.
 at java.lang.UNIXProcess$Platform.get(

Following additional suggestion here, using -Dspace.detection=false instead avoided the issue.