AngularJS Zero to Hero course notes (1)

I’ve been learning some AngularJS for a while now (here’s some previous posts), and have an app up live with a front end built using AngularJS ( I just started one of the AngularJS courses on, ‘AngularJS: From Zero to Hero‘. The regular price for the course is $299 and you can currently pick it up for a steal in their Black Friday sale. Go take a look at the other courses too on Udemy if you’re interested.

As I work through the course I’m leaving some notes here in posts for my own benefit for future reference – they might not make entire sense without context of the other training materials, go check out the course if you’re interested.

Random getting  started notes:

ng-app Рbootstraps an AngularJS app, usually applied to html or body element

ng-init – initializes value or an initialization expression

ng-model – binds form input elements to model, using bidirectional binding