Microsoft teaming up with Red Hat for RHEL on Azure (and RH looking at node.js and Java integration options)

Red Hat recently announced a partnership with Microsoft where Microsoft is now offering Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) as an option on Azure. Although Microsoft has been offering Linux based IaaS offerings on Azure for a few years already, adding RHEL to the mix introduces an option with the backing of Red Hat enterprise support.

Red Hat are also apparently looking to increase integration options between Java and node.js for it’s clients, according to Rich Sharples, senior director for product management at Red Hat, recently speaking at a node.js conference in Portland.

Presenting at Red Hat Summit 2012 next week: Accenture & Red Hat collaboration to grow OpenShift skills

I’m presenting at the Red Hat Summit 2012 conference next week, Thursday June 28th @ 2:30pm at Campground 1 – I’m going to be talking about some work we recently did at Accenture in collaboration with Red Hat to grow OpenShift skills at Accenture.

Here’s the details of the session from the link above:

Growing OpenShift Skills within Accenture: The J-Prize Coding Contest

June 15th, 2012
by Accenture team

In Spring 2012, Accenture collaborated with Red Hat to run the “J-Prize Coding Contest” for Accenture Java developers. The focus of the contest was to design and develop a Java application and deploy it to OpenShift, Red Hat’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.

“Cloud-related technologies are rapidly maturing and are increasingly being used by our clients to deliver real value,” said Kevin Hooke, Manager,  Open Source Initiatives Lead for the Accenture Java Development Program. “The contest helped us grow our Java developers’ knowledge and experience with building and deploying applications to the cloud using PaaS offerings such as OpenShift.”

To learn more, attend the Red Hat campground session hosted by Kevin where he will discuss the success of the contest, the benefits gained for Accenture, and he will showcase the four winning applications.

Thursday, July 28 @ 2:30pm: Campground 1 (Room 301, Hynes)

Red Hat Summit 2012 J-Prize session promo article

In a Nutshell: Deploying a Java webapp to Red Hat’s OpenShift

Deploying a Java webapp to OpenShift couldn’t be any simpler. In as few words as possible to show you how simple it is – here’s a quickstart:


… and that’s it. Your app is pushed to your remote Git repo, built with Maven, and deployed to JBoss 7.

That’s pretty simple, huh?