Oracle lays off Java Evangelists – what’s going on?

Not sure what’s going on over at Oracle, but news on Twitter is that they just laid off (what sounds like) their entire Java Evangelist team:

Other than this article on InfoWorld there’s not much else to go on, but from various tweets from some of those involved it seems to involve Simon Ritter, Cameron Purdy, Jim Weaver and others too. That’s a lot of top Java talent. Would love to hear what’s going on at Oracle right now. Seems odd timing as well, 1 month before JavaOne?

James Gosling at JavaOne 2014 vs JavaOne 2009

JavaOne 2014 wrapped up today, and was another great year, with plenty of awesome sessions. James Gosling played an active part in the Q&A during the Community Keynote this morning, and also gave a retrospective of the development of Java. He was wearing one of his Nighthacks Diner shirts, which I think we’re given out as a special prize at a JavaOne several years back (based on the painting by Edward Hopper, ‘Nighthawks Diner’). I seem to remember the design on this particular shirt, so did some digging in my photos from JavaOne conferences in the past, and here you go:

This is from JavaOne 2009 – I believe James was visiting some of the exhibitions in the Exhibition Hall:


And from this morning during the Community Keynote: