Managing web dependencies with bower

Some rough notes on Bower to remember for future usage:

  • bower install name : install dependency ‘name’
  • bower list : list current project dependencies
  • bower search name : search for a module in the repo
  • bower update name : update name to latest
  • bower update name#1.1 : update name to 1.1

Getting started ref here.

Using bower for webapp package management: ui-date

Looking for a calendar widget to use with my AngularJS app, I found this one. This is also the first library I’ve come across where I’ve needed to use bower to install it for me. I’ve seen and used bower as part of the AngularJS tutorial, but this is my first experience using it out of necessity.

I already have node.js installed for the AngularJS tutorial, so installed bower globally using:

sudo npm install -g bower

and then installed the angular-ui date picker with:

bower install angular-ui-date --save

Following the rest of the steps to include the dependent js and css files, add the ui-date directive to an input field… and that was easy, now I have a jQuery UI date picker!