Amazon unveil new Kindle device this morning

No live video feed from Amazon’s press conference this morning but cnet are live blogging from NYC here.

Update: looks like a touch enabled color Kindle is $99. Not sure if this is the Android powered tablet or just a touch enabled Kindle. If that’s the tablet then that is a bargain at that price.

Update: $99 for touch enabled e-ink Kindle, $79 for non-touch Kindle and ad supported. No details on tablet yet.

Update: here you go… Kindle Fire 7″ Android based tablet… $199. That’s an awesome price. This thing is going to sell like hotcakes. Pre-order now, ships Nov 16.

Could an Amazon tablet make it big time for non-iOS tablets?

Rumor has it that Amazon is planning an Android based tablet, with a price somewhere between $249 and $299. Given the failure of HP’s entry into the tablet space with the WebOS powered TouchPad, Amazon may be gambling in a market currently dominated by Apple and it’s iPad. However, given Amazon already is the leader in eBooks and eReader hardware with it’s wildly successful Kindle, this could be the stepping stone to further success with a more fully featured tablet, rather than the one trick eReader.

To be successful the price could make or break Amazon’s new tablet – HP cancelled their TouchPad because it wasn’t selling, but when the price was lowered to $99 to clear stock it flew off the shelves. This must have been some surprise to HP since more recently an HP exec has said that they may be thinking of resurrecting the dead device for another attempt, presumably starting off at a lower price point.

Amazon beat Apple and Google and launch their cloud-based music service

Google and Apple have long been rumored to be working on cloud based music storage/streaming services, but neither have yet announced anything definite. Google talked about their new service a year ago but nothing has showed up yet (other than someone finding the code for the service in a version of Android and this week’s rumor that they have begun testing internally). Apple meanwhile have been busy building a massive data center, but no details on what they will use it for.

Well, Amazon has beaten them both to it and this morning announced their new Amazon Cloud Drive service, which allows you to store your files on their servers and access from anywhere.

Strange when you think how several years back the original site offered a ‘locker service’ to keep your music online, but we just weren’t ready to access music remotely at that point, and so it disappeared.