Google buys

Pyra Labs, who developed the online blogging service at, has been bought by Google.

In January 2003 had over 1 million users of their free service (but apparently not as many using the paid service)

It will be interesting to see how and what Google will do with this technology and how they will roll it into their existing service offerings.

See article on here

Motorola to ship Linux-based cell phones

Motorola have announced they are going to ship Linux based cell phones including color screens, an MP3 player, a digital camera, a Java VM and a movie player (as well as being a phone 🙂

This would seem to be a blow to Microsoft’s ‘Stinger’ PocketPC Phone Edition based platform, especially coming from a large manufacturer such as Motorola.

Motorola is expecting to ship millions of units, and plans to eventually base even the low-end phones on the Linux platform.

No details on price, but theres more information here.

Borland Announces Bundling of JBuilder and TogetherSoft products

According to an article on today, Borland will be bundling a JBuilder specific version of TogetherSoft’s modelling tools with the latest version of JBuilder for $6,999.

I can’t find any confirmation of this on Borland’s site, but this would seem the logical route to take since they purchased TogetherSoft last year.

Have to wait to compare the functionality with other IDE/Modelling integrated tools such as Oracle’s JDeveloper (which originated from JBuilder source code, but has now been totally rewritten in the latest 9.0.3 version), which only costs $999.

EA uses Oracle 9i on Linux for The Sims Online

An interesting customer success story on Oracle’s site.

The backend server platform for EA’s online version of The Sims Online is running on Oracle 9i Real Application Clusters, on RedHat Linux boxes (Intel).

The article doesn’t give any exact details of the hardware being used, but mentions it is capable of processing 30,000 SQL calls/sec, per cluster.