Project Jigsaw for Java has been a long time coming – are we really going to see it in Java SE 9 this year?

Java SE 9 general availability date is 7/27/17, per the release schedule here. Project Jigsaw been a long time coming and been postposed from release to release (it was originally planned for SE7, pushed to SE8, and now SE9), but this year we’ll see Project Jigsaw come with SE 9.

It’s funny what you find unexpectedly when searching for stuff online – reading around for Jigsaw related articles I found this Jigsaw mailing list post by Mark Reinhold back in 2012 including a link to one of my blog posts, discussing the Jigsaw ‘plan A’ vs ‘plan B’ options back when Jigsaw was pushed out from SE 8 to 9. Hopefully we really will see Jigsaw in SE9 later this year.

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