Linbpq: configure via web page before bbs and chat apps start

It’s not immediately obvious from the docs, but after installing and creating a bpq32.cfg file for pilinbpq BPQ32 on the Pi (or Linux in general probably), after you’ve started pilinbpq running, you need to hit the admin web pages to configure the last few params before the services are accessible.

For example, if you telnet into your node locally and then type bbs or chat, you’ll see the error: “bbs application is not running”.

Hit the admin web pages for both bbs and chat, and complete the blank fields in the config. For me these where the applicationID and Streams values. The Id matches the id value of the app in the bpq32.cfg file. Streams is I think number of concurrent clients. Save values, restart, and you should be good.

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