Installing Nvidia drivers on Linux Mint 17.1

Booting the Mint Live DVD on a HP Pavilion with an AMD Phenom quadcore, I get to the desktop but it starts lagging, and is barely responsive. Selecting the compatibility mode boot option gets me to a lower res desktop but without the lagging issue. After I installed to my hd using compatibility mode, when booting up for the first time I ran into exactly the same issue.

At the Grub menu, if I edit the boot option and add nomodeset, then again, I can boot into a low res with no lag. This desktop has a Nvidia graphics card, so I tried following the instructions here, but I couldn’t get these steps to work, every time I ran the Nvidia installer, it kept telling me that the nouveau drivers were still loaded.

This page suggested to install via ‘sudo apt-get install nvidia-304’ – this approach seemed to download all the deps, build local, install, setup and configure, all in one go. When I rebooted, all looked good, and no need to manually add the nomodeset at the grub menu. Success! So far very impressed with the slickness of the Mint Cinnamon desktop!


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