2014 vs 2013 California QSO Party (CQP) scores for Yolo County

Since having my Amateur Radio license just over a year, I’ve yet to go all out on a contest and work every hour permitted, but I have enjoyed the opportunity to work some contacts for my log. Last year’s California QSO Party I only worked a few QSOs. If I remember back to last year, I did call CQ for 20 mins or so and didn’t get any takers, so did some search and pounce and picked up a handful of contacts:2013 CQP Yolo resultsThis year I worked a couple of hours over Sat and Sun, and got significantly more that my 8 QSOs last year, but nowhere close to K6Y’s score. I’ve submitted my log and will wait for the final scores to be published 🙂 All in all, had a good result this year!


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