Getting started with the AngularJS tutorial on Windows – issues

Here’s a quick summary of specific issues and workarounds I’ve run into so far:

  • Running ‘npm install’ and get: “Error: ENOENT, stat ‘C:\Users\[user id]\AppData\Roaming\npm”

This appears to be something removed in the node.js Windows installer. If you create the npm dir in the location above, this fixes this issue, and/or running the node.js prompt with admin privs in Windows. Covered here.

  • Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory 'c:\[some path]\package.json'

The Angular.JS tutorial steps don’t mention that you need to cd into the cloned angular-phonecat dir after you’ve grabbed it from github. Maybe this would be obvious if you’re already familiar with node.js and npm, but cd’ing into the cloned tutorial dir fixes this issue for me. Similar to this issue.

  • ‘npm start’ throws errors re binding to and port 8000

I’m not sure if this was because something was already running on port 8000 on my Windows box, but similar to the comments on the logged comments here, if you follow the steps to edit the package.json file, you can change the bind address and/or port before starting the server. Changing from 8000 to 8080 seemed to fix it for me.

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