Useful Java ME 8 Embedded code snippets

Collection of ME 8 Embedded code snippets:

  • Using java.util.TimerTask and Timer – for scheduling periodic tasks (reading a sensor, checking a status etc eg
MyTimerTask myTimerTask = new MyTimerTask();
Timer timer = new Timer();
timer.schedule(myTimerTask, millisBeforeStarting, millisBetweenExecution);
  • Opening a GPIO pin: =;; // true = on, false = off
  • Adding an EventListener to a switch:
GPIOPinConfig config = new GPIOPinConfig(this.portId, this.pinId,
    GPIOPinConfig.DIR_INPUT_ONLY, PeripheralConfig.DEFAULT,

… where this implements PinListener and valueChanged() method:

public void valueChanged(PinEvent event) {
    GPIOPin eventPin = event.getPeripheral();
  • Opening an I2C device for input/output:
I2CDeviceConfig config = new I2CDeviceConfig(i2cBus, address, addressSizeBits, serialClock);
myDevice =;
  • Read from a UART device:
this.uart =;

InputStream is = Channels.newInputStream(uart);
this.serialBufferedReader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(is));
  • Read using Generic Connection Framework:
CommConnection conn = (CommConnection)"comm:/dev/ttyAMA0;baudrate=9600");
InputStream inputStream = conn.openInputStream();
this.serialBufferedReader = new BufferedReader(new
  • Open and write to a record store: = RecordStore.openRecordStore(storeName, true);
byte[] dataBytes = data.getBytes();
recordNum = store.addRecord(dataBytes, 0, dataBytes.length);

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