Iomega ix2-200: High disk activity and low throughput from clients

My ix2-200 box has been doing a lot of thrashing for a while, each time that I turn it on. I though for a while that this was just some disk indexing going on, but it seemed more recently that it was everytime I powered it on.

SSH’ing into the box and taking a look in some log files I found these messages repeating every couple of minutes, in the /var/log/soho.log file:

2012/12/31 12:48:02.764433: executord[892.40d6e2a0]: (1324) WARNING: Restarting 'mt-daapd' due to excess memory usage (198598656 used, 67108864 allowed)
2012/12/31 12:48:02.962593: executord[892.40d6e2a0]: (1245) DIAGNOSTIC: restarting process 'mt-daapd'.
2012/12/31 12:48:58.426400: executord[892.40d6e2a0]: (1528) DIAGNOSTIC: Started mt-daapd[14707]
2012/12/31 12:48:58.538179: executord[892.40d6e2a0]: (1371) DIAGNOSTIC: Signal received with no commands

Searching for mt-daapd I found this post that described similar behavior. I followed the steps to edit the daap.conf file (mine was located in a different location, here: /mnt/soho_storage/media) and removed all the filetypes for the extensions setting except .mp3, .m4a and .m4p.

That seems to have done it. Once the service restarted again, it hasn’t since turned up in the log file for the last hour or so that I’ve been watching. This makes sense if that indexer has issues with large files, since I primarily use this box to keep copies of our home movies, all of which as in .mp4 format, and most of the files are large, ~ 1 GB each.

The good news it that also seems to have given back some performance – file transfers are now pretty snappy, whereas before it seemed they were dragging unnecessarily slowly.

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  1. Wow, 4 years after you post this blog you helped me out immensely.

    For some reason suddenly my ix2-dl became super slow for no apparent reason. And I’m not exaggerating. Loading the website would take up to a couple of minutes per page. File transfers hade a spike to a maximum of 1MB/s.

    I was trying to backup all my movies from the NAS to other devices so I could perform a reset. But less then 200GB of movies would literally take +2days. I don’t wan’t to know how long the rest of the files would take.

    I searched around like crazy and couldn’t find the reason for the slowdowns.

    Today I started looking around via SSH and came around the following site:

    This led me to mt-daapd (never heard of it).

    I removed some file extensions from the config file and turned OFF “media server” as I don’t need it and immediately my speed went up to 12MB/s.

    1. Wow, you’re welcome, glad this was useful. My ix2 died about a year ago, not sure what the issue was but it just refused to boot up. Both drives were still good though so bought a Netgear NAS chassis and moved the drives across.

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