Apple’s new iPhone annoucement this morning

To be honest I’m only mildly curious, but not really interested at all. cnet have live coverage here. Rumor has it the new phone will look pretty much like the iPhone 4, so nothing exciting there. Hope they do have something amazing up their sleeve to announce, because the rumors so far don’t sound that impressive. Like I said a couple of days ago, it sounds more like an iPhone 4.1.

4G data support? Er, yeah, everyone else has had that for the past couple of years. When this goes on sale there’s going to be people wandering about saying ‘wow! look at how fast the data is!’. Yeah, just like my phone was 2 years ago. And if it’s only 21Mbps HSPA+, that’s so yesterday too – there’s already phones shipping with 42Mbps HSPA+ support. Come on Apple, you’re slipping. Let’s see something amazing.

What would make me buy one? Flash support. Java support. Not gonna happen. So not gonna buy one.

New iPhone announcement tomorrow

I get the feeling that the iPhone 5 will not be much more than a incremental refinement of the iPhone 4. From the suspected changes, it doesn’t sound like anything more exciting than some me-too technology catch ups, like support for HSPA+ for faster data speeds and voice recognition. Nothing that you can’t already get on other phones.

Has Apple slowed down it’s iPhone and iOS development? If there’s nothing more than these changes coming then this next iPhone is nothing more that an iPhone 4.1 really. Not that I’d want one anyway. The day I buy an iPhone will be the day it supports Java, and that’s not going to happen anytime, if ever.

HTC Sense UI security vulnerability on some HTC Android phones

If you have an HTC Android phone running Sense UI (Evo 4g, Thunderbolt etc), you might be interested to take a read of this article over at Android Police where they’re got details of an HTC logging app on some Sense UI phones that exposes potentially a substantial amount of info from your phone from it’s system logs.

To see if your phone is affected, look for this app here (using a file browser like Astro): /system/app/HtcLoggers.apk

If you don’t have this app then apparently you’re ok. I checked my stock MyTouch4G that runs Sense UI and I didn’t have it,

It’s worth to spend some time to check the permissions on the apps you already have installed (and definitely when you install new apps) – Permissions Dog is an easy way to do this – good article on Lifehacker here.