Switched to WordPress for my blog

Wow, where to begin. I just spent a couple of weeks messing around with Joomla, installing templates and installing/configuring extensions and I got to the point where I had things setup as I wanted. It was a bit of effort to get there, but it was still an incremental improvement from my own home-grown blog software that I’d been using since around 2002.

Someone at work mentioned to have a look at WordPress. Wow. I am stunned. It’s beautiful. It does everything I need, straight out of the box. Easy to install and configure, everything works. Has all the features I was looking for:

  • menus and categories
  • layout templates
  • tagging and tag clouds

Simple needs, but stuff I wanted to use without too much messing around. I like it. Sorry Joomla, I think you’re a couple of years behind where you need to be.

Fixing Joomla Purity CSS layout issue in Firefox

I just discovered that theĀ jSeblod CCK extension for Joomla has some layout issues with Firefox. Luckily there’s some posts in theĀ Joomla forum with similar issues, although not necessarily related to jSeblod, but the issues are related to the display of HTML tables with the Purity template.

The fix as pointed out in the forum is to add a ‘float:left’ to the CSS for tables. Tracking this down to the exact table being using using Firebug, editing this css file:


and adding this CSS fixes the issue:

table.admintable {

Menus not working on Joomla backend

Seems /administrator and /Administrator both work to access the admin pages for Joomla, but /administrator is the correct link to use, otherwise the urls are wrongly constructed and none of the menu or buttons will work.