My Android apps in the Android Market doing well so far

My first app, Countdown Droid, has almost 3000 downloads so far which is a complete surprise that it is that useful to people. I’ve used it now and again, so even for a first ‘Hello World’ type app it still is useful. Plus with the AdMob banner ads I’m actually earning a few dollars from it’s usage too. Thanks for the comments from people using it too – I made a few enhancements in the 1.1 version I just released.

My second app, Flickr Interestingness Browser, allows you to browse the top 9 (in a 3 x 3 grid) top photos in ‘Explore’ on Flickr for a chosen day. I guess this has a more limited appeal, and unless you’re obsessed with trying to get your own photos to get picked up by the magic Flickr Explore algorithm, then this really has little purpose as an app that you’d repeatedly use. However, this app I intend to be more of a stepping stone to other ideas I have, as the code I wrote for this I will be reusing in a couple of other apps to come.

I just started work on my third app for the Android Market – it will be a simple puzzle game, and will use some parts of the Flickr Explorer app, plus some other features. More details to come as I work it out.

My eventual aim is to have a reasonable paid app published in the Market within the next couple of months. I’ve been surprised that you can actually earn ‘a few’ dollars from just banner ads displayed when an app starts up, so hoping to take this to the next level to earn some extra pocket money 🙂

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