A better free option for secured file-transfers to ‘the cloud’ – dropbox.com

My over enthusiasm yesterday for EverNote was shortlived once I worked out that the desktop client apps do not transfer files over SSL unless you pay for the premium service, which seems a little high for my planned usage of a service like this.

I have spent a few hours looking at a number of other note and file sharing services, and here’s some of my findings:

  • Apple’s MobileMe has always seemed rather expensive, but the iDisk service was looking attractive, plus the other features that are bundled in. Accessing any of the services over the web-based interface though is over HTTP not HTTPS, so this is a deal breaker for me (for online storing of some of my files anyway)
  • box.net appears to support HTTPS for your logon only, then switches back to HTTP to access your files.
  • Dropbox (www.getdropbox.com) seems to only pass files over a encrypted connection, plus offers awesome file synchronization across multiple machines and the online web client. Logging on to the webapp over HTTPS keeps you in HTTPS for all other subsequent page hits (unlike box.net) … I’ll be checking this one out further. Plus free account has 2GB of online storage. Only feature I’m not finding right now is the ability to edit files online via the webapp, but you can browse their content.

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