BBC’s TopGear to be available from Gran Turismo TV

Sony have announced a tie in with the BBC to make 40 full length episodes of the awesome motoring TV show ‘Top Gear’ available from within the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 game, in a feature they are calling Gran Turismo TV. Gran Turismo 5 is not due to be released until next year, but in the meantime GT5 Prologue will be available towards the end of this year to offer a demo of the upcoming, and long awaited sequel to arguably the best ever driving simulation game ever.

8 Networked PS3s equivalent to a 200 CPU Supercomputer

The PS3 has already been demonstrating it’s raw computing horsepower from users donating their console’s time for Stanford’s ‘Folding@Home’ project, to process data simulating protein folding for the project. Currently the project is employing 889 TFLOPs of computing power from 36,000 PS3s. As a comparison, 179,000 Windows based machines are only providing 170 TFLOPs.

Directly harnessing the computing power of the PS3’s Cell processor, a professor at the University of Massachusetts is using 8 networked PS3s to provide the same equivalent computing power that he was renting from a supercomputer with 200 processors.

Elite IV coming to this generation gaming hardware

‘This generation gaming hardware’ is a bit vague to say the least, but David Braben of Frontier Development and one of the co-developers of the original ‘Elite’, a hugely successful space-trading game originally on the BBC Micro computer (and then many other 8 bit machines), has said that it is penciled in for a release.

It will be interesting to see how it translates to the current hardware and whether it still retains the compelling game play that the original had back in the 1980s. Elite is definitely up there as an all time gaming classic, having spent many many hours playing it on my 48k ZX Spectrum in the ’80s.