TiVo on Comcast behind schedule

I’ve been following the eventual rollout of TiVo to Comcast users recently since we’ve been stuck with a DirecTivo box for a number of years now and I’m looking for an HD upgrade path. I say ‘stuck’ loosely, since we love TiVo. TiVo is awesome – there is no going back, and nothing else will do. The problem with the DirecTV Tivo box is that we can’t upgrade to DirecTV’s HD service because we’d lose our TiVo box (with paidup lifetime subscription – we’ve had free service for something like 5+ years now) since DirecTV broke their relationship with TiVo sometime back, and their own ‘homegrown’ DVR is just not any good in comparision with TiVo, according to existing owners.

So moving to Comcast is one option open, and I think even now it would be possible to buy a standalone HD TiVo unit and use it in conjunction with a Comcast cable box, or wait until they get the integrated boxes available.

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