PS3 Web Browser with page zooming – now an incredible web browsing experience from your living room

I was initially disappointed with the PS3’s build in web browser since on my great Sony 46″ XBR2 in 1080p most websites were completely unreadable unless you stood 2 feet in front of the screen. At some point however, and hardly publisized (but maybe added in the latest 1.54 firmware upgrade) the browser now supports a zoom feature. Holding down the square button and pressing R2 to zoom in or L2 to zoom out, you can zoom in to any degree you like on any page. This is completely awesome on any page that was previously unreadable. The amazing thing is it zooms in on any content in the page, so if you are viewing a video on YouTube for example you can zoom in and reposition the page so you can fill your whole screen with the video (yes I know the zoom to full screen browser was fixed on the YouTube Flash player a while back, but when it opens the second browser fullscreen there seems to be a longer delay before the page starts loading). Completely awesome.

At this point the PS3 is an awesome living room web browser, enabling viewing of any website from your sofa on your new HD flatscreen…

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