Major changes for PS3 with next major firmware upgrade?

There has been rumors for a while that the next major firmware upgrade for the PS3 will come shortly after the European launch of the PS3 and will include the addition of some major new features. Expected features may include:

  • PSOne game emulation – downloaded PSOne games for playing on the PSP’s PSOne emulator will by playable on the PS3
  • inclusion of a download service for music, music videos and other video programs (see previous link), possibly by including content in the PS3 Store, but maybe via some other Sony backed website or service, similar to iTunes
  • upscaling to 720p and 1080i for PSOne and PS2 titles, using a combination of software and a hardware upscaling chip (that has so far not been acknowledged to exist)
  • remote internet access to your PS3, allowing it to function as a remotely accessible media server for all your photos, mp3s etc

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