Sony shrinking Cell processor to 65nm, and planning on ending in house fabrication

Sony have started production of a 65nm Cell processor which is cheaper to produce than the current 90nm processor included in the current PS3 consoles, and also produces less heat. Sony have not yet stated whether the new PS3’s to go on sale in Europe in March will be based on the 90nm Cell or the 65nm version.

Sony are also planning on ending in-house production of the chip in order to save costs, since the chip is already being produced by third party companies such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and United Microelectronics.

Rumors true – Fleury quits RedHat/JBoss

It was rumored in January that Fleury, who has been out on paternity leave, was about to leave JBoss (now part of Red Hat). It was confirmed on Friday that Fleury has left RedHat and will not be returning.

It will be interesting to see where Fleury goes next and what his next project will be. Fleury arguably created and mastered the ‘Professional Open Source’ business model, not only creating a viable open soure Java EE application server to challenge the major players in the marketplace (IBM, BEA, Oracle), but introducing a sales approach to capitalize on the rising interest of open source software. Fleury sold JBoss to RedHat for $350 million in June 2006.