Pete Wright abandons Microsoft and Windows in favor of Ubuntu Linux, Apple Mac and Ruby on Rails

Once in a while it’s interesting to hear about someone who has been completely entrenched in a given technology suddenly pack their bags, get up and leave, and take on completely new technology.

Pete Wright, well known for authoring several best selling Visual Basic books, has just done exactly that – decided enough is enough and has completely walked away from anything Microsoft related in favor of Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X and Ruby on Rails instead. In his blog he gives the following reasons:

“Vista looks like a pile of crap compared to Mac OS X and Ubuntu with GLX. Their software (Microsoft) is buggy, overpriced, and stress inducing. Their development tools are staid, designed and developed by committees to solve every problem you could ever conceive of, while being ideally suited to solving none.”

Wow. Strong words for someone who has been living the Microsoft life for such a long time. This is an interesting read.

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