Next Mac OS X version, Leopard, to arrive next Spring – “Hasta la vista, Vista.”

This week at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Jobs was laying heavily into Microsoft and their long awaited XP replacement, Windows Vista. The jokes kept coming, with huge billboard apps showing a large ‘X’ on a disk, and above it read ‘Redmond, we have a problem’, ‘Redmond, start your photocopiers’, ‘Mac OS X Leopard: Introducing Vista 2.0’, and ‘Hasta la vista, Vista’.

Major annoucements at the conference: Mac OS X Leopard will start shipping in Spring next year – news on the new feature list is slim – Jobs commented ‘We don’t want our friends to start their photocopiers any sooner than they have to’, so it sounds like they’re holding back for a while until Microsoft get’s Vista’s features finalized. More info here.

Also, big news in Apple hardware – the first Intel based Mac desktop is now available, the Mac Pro. The new machine is based on two Intel dual-core Xeon chips in a shiny metal case, similar in looks to the Mac G5 that came before it. Prices start at $2,199 for a pair of 2.0GHz chips and includes 1GB RAM, an Nvidia GeForce 7300GT video card, a 250GB HDD and a SuperDrive.

This looks like a beast of a machine – check out the latest info on the Apple site here.

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