Continuing adventures with Grails – now we’re getting Groovy

I had a few hours this weekend to continue investigating the possibility of using of using Grails and Groovy to implement a solution for a client, and I’ve learnt enough at this point so say for this project I am committed to using Grails.

I was already liking what I was seeing, but was uncertain early on if this could realy do the job, but now I am sold. It really is Groovy; it is awesome. The productivity gain from using the ‘coding by convention’ approach made popular by Ruby on Rails really is awesome. It is amazing. In comparision with working with multi-layered architectures where as a developer I have to code each indiviidual slice in the application from end to end and then spend just as much time on the configuration to wire them all together – this is amazing. Groovy and Grails are so concise and gets the job done with minimal effort and coding, and yes – minimal if any configuration.

Ok, I learnt a few lessons at the weekend, and came across a couple of issues that I logged with Grails JIRA:

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