Sony invite media and analysts to Playstation developers annual meeting

Sony have invited media and analysts to it’s Playstation developers annual meeting, which is usually only intended for licensed developers for it’s Playstation console.

If the media and analysts are invited then it would seem they have something to announce or present – it’s specualted that they may announce the launch schedule and/or pricing for the much awaited PS3.

News on CV&G website suggests that Sony is also investigating the possibility of offering an online downloadable back-catalog of PS2 and PS-One games for the PS3, which would match Nintendo’s similar planned offering for the Revolution, their next-gen console. It is also rumored that a new version of the PSP may be annouced that may include a camera.

The Game Developers Conference is also coming up on March 20, so expect to hear some Sony and Nintendo announcements in the next couple of weeks.

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