Javalobby: Thinking in Java – 4th Ed review

Javalobby have a review of the 4th edition of one of the best Java books on the market, Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel.

This is one of the best Java books I have seen, as not only does it show you how to use features of the language, its explains why and how the feature works. This is an awesome book to build a deeper understanding of the Java language.

The 4th edition has been expanded to include Java SE 5.0 features such as Generics.

XP Home vs Professional? Windows Vista will have 6 flavours

Microsoft have been putting together feature lists of what will go into the box when Windows Vista ships, and have decided on 6 different versions. Wow, yes, 6.

  • Vista Starter Edition – for low end PCs in emerging markets
  • Vista Home Basic – aimed at lower spec PCs
  • Vista Home Premium – includes music and media center capability, plus ‘Glass’ graphics effects for UI
  • Vista Ultimate Edition
  • Vista Business
  • Vista Enterprise

All except the starter edition will run in either 32 or 64 bit modes.

Wow, just how much market confusion is that likely to create. Depending on what you have to spend, I am sure Microsoft will have a package just for you…

Google ‘Who’s who’

Over the last couple of years Google has attracted some of the smartest and most influential people in the IT industry, and has attracted significant engineers from other companies such as Microsoft and BEA. have an list of some of the more famous employees and their backgrounds – take a look here.

PS3 – CNN Money says will still ship in 2006

Despite rumours flying that the PS3 will not ship in 2006 due to higher than expected component costs, and the fact that the copy protection scheme for BluRay disks has not yet been finalized, CNN Money is speculating that Sony are forced to ship this year, otherwise the loss in market share to Microsoft’s XBox360 may not be recoverable.

Although the article does not quote any sources, CNN Money is saying that the Spring 2006 launch in Japan is now very doubtful, but a Novemeber launch for the US is still planned.