CES 2006 – starts tomorrow Jan 6 – where is the Atom Chip 1TB RAM Laptop??!

CES is one of the largest consumer electronics shows, and it opens tomorrow in Las Vegas.

There is always a bunch of new gadgets that get announced by all the major vendors at the show, plus some additional surprises.

The big thing I’m looking for announcements on this year is anything from the company called ‘Atom Chip’, who earlier last year announced they would be appearing at a booth at the show to demonstrate their supercomputer of a laptop. They claim to have developed ‘Quantum-Optical non-volatile RAM’ which allows them to build a laptop with 1TB of RAM, and 2TB of non-volatile secondary storage. This is quite impressive if it is true, but was dismissed at the time it hit the news websites as a hoax. Well if they are at CES then hopefully we’ll find out whether this is for real or not – if it is real then it certainly sounds impressive.

Interesting to note – if you go out to their website and look at the specs of the ‘non volatile memory laptop’, the specs seem to have decreased slightly… now its 100GB RAM and 256GB storage – still impressive, none the less.

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