Apple announce video iPod and new iMac

Steve Jobs made annoucements about new Apple products yesterday, inluding a new iPod that supports video playback, a new version of iTunes that allows you to purchase episodes of TV programes from ABC plus other video, plus a new improved iMac.

The video capability has received somewhat of a lukewarm reception. The iPod has continued to improve over the years, but the addition of video playback is less of an innovation and more of a catch up to the other competitors portable media player products (there have been audio/video mobile media players on the market for at least the last 2 years).

The addition of video downloads from iTunes though could be it’s savior. The partnership with ABC to purchase and download TV program episodes I think it a good move and a good compliment to the already wildly successful iTunes, so we’ll have to wait and see how well this new feature does.

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