Sony present technical details of Cell processor at conference

As expected, Sony/IBM/Toshiba presented details of their upcoming ‘supercomputer on a chip’, the ‘Cell’, yesterday at a hardware conference in San Francisco.

The details are still somewhat sparse, but there has been plenty of websites discussing the details since the announcement yesterday. Summarizing from various articles, the details are:

  • multiple cores on each individual CPU (one main core and 8 other independent cores)
  • operating speed ‘in excess’ of 4Ghz, although probably around 4.7Ghz
  • ability to process multiple processes across it’s cores, cores on other CPUs, either locally or remotely
  • data throughput bus speed around 100Gb/sec, using new Rambus technology
  • Single processor performance equivalent to 32 RS/6000 machines
  • Single processor performance 100 times that of current Intel Pention 4 2.4Ghz CPU

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