JSP Custom tags for Hibernate

There is a SourceForge project called HibTags tha allows you to interact with Hibernate directly from your JSP pages.

Is this a good idea? Probably not, its use hardly follows any commonly accepted design guidelines for layering your architecture into separate layers each with its own concern (presentation, business, data access etc, at the very least).

This is probably in the same camp as the SQL JSTL tags, which are maybe useful for prototyping, but shouldn’t go far beyond that.

Sun Java Technolgy Map

Sun have released an interesting concept on their website – a huge scrolling map of Java technology showing the core concepts and technologies: JVM, Core Language, Enterprise Technologies etc.

The whole map can be scrolled and zoomed. It has hotlinks to all the mentioned technologies. Trouble is its pretty latge, so when you zoom in you can only see a small part of it at a time. Interesting idea though…