J2EE Project Survival Guide – book chapter preview

TheServerSide.com currently have a chapters for review on their site of an upcoming book called “J2EE Project Survival Guide” which looks like it will be an interesting read.

This seems to be another book in the current trend of “horror stories from the trenches” genre, which are great for learning from others experiences.

Other notable books along the same lines are:

Shop at Amazon.com Rod Johnson’s book – Expert One on One J2EE Design and Development. A good read – I am currently reading this right now. Covers some good background on typical J2EE development problems and alternative approaches, and guidelines for using J2EE technologies, such as EJBs.
Shop at Amazon.com This is perhaps the classic “anti-pattern” book – what not to do and why. It’s safer to learn from other peoples problems, rather than fall into the same traps yourself…
Shop at Amazon.com

I haven’t read this one yet, but if it is as useful as Bitter Java, then this is worth a read too.

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